Building a unique experience

Offering nothing less than perfect. We are offering the best in class linen shirts, trousers and fabrics. Stepping on the way to become the first in a class quality provider and the standards of Europe in our Indian subcontinent

Engineering clothes is how we see it, as it blends through the latest technology available in the textile industry. Delivering the perfect quality and royal look every time we create a design.


Different is flexible

In this ever-changing world, nothing is static everything around us is dynamic that keeps going through a series of changes. We have been jumping trends all over the world but there are few things that never go out of style in the world. Going out in class has been the same way ever since it began but it has evolved into something bigger. Blended with the latest technology we have made some exclusive fabrics diving into the threads of fabric.

Our excellence

We get our linen materials from the most skilled professionals with several years of experience. They have enough experience in the textile industry implement the latest technology in the industry along with the absolute vision of delivering perfection in terms of quality. They have the endurance and the grit to create them and the result is absolute perfection.

They just don’t see them as a cloth we see them as an achievement. Each cloth they create perfectly, they wear them like a medal. A medal every time they create a cloth that is how they see their daily life at the industry.

Linen men's shirts collections

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